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The art and science of brokering relationships in the digital economy

Digital transformation requires a new kind of partner. As SAP’s Tony Evans writes, you need a partner that can help you think differently about data – and challenge industry assumptions.

The bots are coming. It’s time to rethink your career

The advent of AI, machine learning and software bots will bring displacement to the workforce. It’s time to rethink your career, warns Unit4’s Thomas Staven

The $564B channel partner opportunity waiting in the cloud

Services partners focused only on large enterprise may be taking a digital risk. As SAP’s Rodolpho Cardenuto explains, they’re missing out on a market segment that represents 95 percent of all businesses.

Marketing’s journey from campaign-centric to customer-centric

Digital technology gives marketers the tools to move from generic campaigns to more engaged, customer-centric relationships, writes Marketo’s Peter Bell

Five essential elements of scalable enterprise applications

Growing businesses need to scale their operations. Workday CTO Stan Swete outlines five essential elements to look for in scalable enterprise applications

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Walmart’s experiment - increased pay

Walmart's efforts to compete have always been predicated on minimizing cost. It backfired in 2012-13 and the company has had to course correct, paying its employees more as a way of revitalizing customer service.

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