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Trust, marketing, and customer loyalty

Personalization technology brings a new dimension to marketing’s age-old quest to build trust and customer loyalty, writes Marketo’s Peter Bell

How cloud-based field service increases customer satisfaction

Exploring the impact of field service on a company’s customer satisfaction, Athani Krishna, CSO of ServiceMax, showcases its customer MilliporeSigma’s progress and bottom-line results

Algorithms, inventions, and accountabilities

Algorithms are certainly more invented than discovered, and the conversation about the responsibilities of their inventors has barely begun, says Salesforce’s Peter Coffee.

How smart machines will redefine the role of knowledge workers

Developments in technology and the advent of AI will fundamentally transform the role of knowledge workers, predicts Unit4 chief product officer Ivo Totev.

Succeeding in the third era of IT architecture

Aegon, like many organizations, had to evolve to keep pace with the velocity of the third era of IT architecture. During our transformation, we learned a number of critical lessons, says Martijn Akse, Head of Enterprise and Solution Architecture at Aegon NL.

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