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5 tips for fighting off disruption in your sector

Business leaders recount five powerful tactics they’ve learned from fighting off disruption in their sector. Unit4’s Ton Dobbe frames their responses

The future of services lies in the realm of the possible

Three core areas will determine the future of services businesses that want to deliver on the promise of the possible, advises NetSuite’s Terry Melnik

Why AI now?

The current level of energy around the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) demands an answer to one simple question, says Peter Coffee, and that is, “What’s different this time?”

Why customer success is now the master business metric

Customer success must become an enterprise-wide master business metric, ingrained throughout a company’s operations, argues FinancialForce’s Tom Brennan.

Choices, choices – solving the finance dilemma

The choice between incremental change to legacy systems or rip-and-replace with new tech creates a dilemma for finance leaders writes Workday’s Mark Nittler

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Data alone doesn’t provide insights, data connections do

Barb Mosher Zinck issues a corrective: we don't need data; we need connected data. She makes her case with two scenarios. One involves breaking down data silos for a "360" view of the customer. The other addresses the thorniest of marketing analytics problems - lead attribution. In each case, we have real world examples to consider.

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